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"The ease of training and implementation of the document imaging system has made the project very worthwhile. We truly cannot believe how easy it is to use" >>more

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Handle documents and the management of information using RADIX.

Make all your documents accessible with just a quick search. Imagetek representatives will find the right solution for your business so you can easily handle documents and the management of your files. Online document management is also great when your business has multiple locations.

Find out how some businesses are going paperless to reduce trips made to the office


Access documents from anywhere using our online secure file storage.

The RADIX document management system is the perfect solution to keep your government documents in an online secure file storage environment. You can create permission levels for users that allow you to control what the users can see on each document.

See how some businesses are using online secure file storage to keep an audit trail.


Turn storage space into usable space by archiving documents online.

With thousands of student records to maintain, your storage space may be filled to the brim. With the RADIX document management software, you can reclaim that space for other uses. You will also be able to preserve your records by archiving documents online.

Learn how RADIX is helping educators archive files before they literally disappear.

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Go Digital

We have a full line of products and services to give you a smooth transition to becoming paperless.

Document Imaging Services

From full-service to do it yourself, we have several solutions available to get all your paperwork online.

Learn more about our document imaging services.

Imaging Hardware Sales and Service

Once your paper files are scanned in, you will be able use one of our many document management systems to easily access all those files.

Learn more about our document management systems.

Additional Information

Find out more about the world of document imaging by visiting our blog.


Automate. Integrate. Accelerate.™

With an overwhelming number of document management systems to choose from, Imagetek cuts through the confusion with our three-step "Automate. Integrate. Accelerate." approach.  This unique, trademarked method allows any organization to implement an enterprise content management system quickly without considerable disruption to vital technical and financial resources.  Phase one replaces the act of filing paper, creating a transparent repository for easy retrieval.  Phase two involves advancing the point of capture to receipt, in order to facilitate electronic processing of transactions.  Phase three then maximizes digital transactions for all stakeholders while educating the customer to achieve autonomy. 

Record Management Systems

Our team members will work with you to determine which product best fits your business and will help create a new process to integrate the product.

View our Record Management Systems

Learn how one business increased revenue by 30% using Imagetek's premier product, RADIX. 


Radix document management

Go Paperless

Make your files available to your employees wherever they are, using our RADIX document management solution.
Learn about RADIX.


Digitech document management system

Document Management

Go paperless with one of our document management programs, Digitech Systems PaperVision software. 
Learn about Digitech.

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