Sensitive Information, Security, and E-Forms

posted by Jeff Garrison on Friday, July 22, 2016

Every business today handles documents with sensitive customer information.  In most cases, this information is on a physical piece of paper at some point or perhaps an electronic document .  The problem is that a piece of paper cannot tell you who has looked at it or even copied it.  An electronic document may tell you who last looked at it, but may not be able to tell you if it was printed, emailed, or altered.

For example, many businesses will extend credit to customers.  Their customers will fill out a credit application that gets handed to a person, faxed to some location, or even emailed (and likely printed).  That application sits on desks, changes hands, gets copied or scanned, and saved in a file somewhere (real or digital). 

What about the growing trend of businesses to use ACH transactions or monthly charges to customers credit cards?  How did that information get collected?  How many desks or desktops did that sit on unprotected?

The point is that many business are handling information that potentially creates customer relationship issues and increases liability exposure.

The solution in most cases is simple.  Use E-Forms and an Enterprise Content Management System.  Here's why:

  • There is no paper! 
  • Whenever a form is completed by a customer, the form is saved and the data is secured. 
  • With Enterprise Content Management, only those with the correct permissions can see the documents.
  • An audit trail is created every time a document is accessed showing who looked at it and whether or not they printed, emailed, or altered the document.
  • Documents can be set for automatic destruction so that information is not kept on hand longer than it is useful.

Solutions today are robust, easy to use, and very affordable for the small business.

Join the conversation.  What sensitive information do you see businesses manage?  What would the fallout be if there were accusations that information was compromised?

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