Three Reasons Small Businesses Shoud Use a Content Management System

posted by Jeff Garrison on Friday, July 8, 2016

There are many great benefits to businesses of all sizes that come from adopting an Enterprise Content Management System.  However, there are three reasons in particular that small businesses should consider.

​Document Handling Efficiency

In small businesses, the daily, slow "leaking" of staff time caused by inefficiency has a significant impact on the overall health of the business.  For example, the soft cost of filing paper documents is hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars per year.  Searching for misplaced or misfiled paper and electronic documents costs hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars per year.  Slow customer service, processes with non-value-added tasks, and inefficient collaboration all cost hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars per year.

The cause is simple.  It is a lack of structure.  Everyone is making an independent decision about where to put paper and electronic documents as well as how to move them from one person or function to the next. 

A content management system makes it easy to put things where they go, send them to who they go, and retrieve them when necessary significantly reducing how much time is "leaked" every day.


Every business, regardless of size, should have their important processes documented.  Of course, the challenge is following those documented processes. Inconsistency slows business down, creates an environment prone to costly mistakes, and causes poor customer service.

A content management system with business process automation built-in forces compliance with best practices and the efficient handling of many business functions.  Business process automation can be deployed to handle customer service issues, sales fulfillment, accounts payable, onboarding new employees, processing applications of many kinds, and just about any other process.

Once a process is automated, business owners and managers can gain an instant snapshot of where things are at.  Analysis can be done, problems identified, and adjustments made.

It does not take an M.B.A. to understand how significant the impact is on a business to execute those regular processes in a fast, consistent, and accountable manner.


Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Automation was a six-figure investment not to many years ago and was thus out of reach for all but the largest of enterprises.  Today, very robust, flexible, and easy to use systems are available starting at a few hundred dollars a month. It is truly low cost and high impact.

​Join the conversation.  How else would a small business benefit or how has your business benefited already?

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