Wow! The Security Dilemma of PDF Applications

posted by Jeff Garrison on Thursday, August 4, 2016

After our post about sensitive information and security, we did a quick Google search using the terms "credit application pdf."  Of course, tons of links to credit applications for a large variety of businesses came up.  Most of these applications are downloadable PDF documents.

So, what happens to the application once you attach it to an email or fax it to the company?  How does that piece of paper get to the right person?  How many people handle it?  Did it sit on the fax machine over night until someone picked it up?  Did it sit in someone's "in box" on their desk?  What happens to it when the company is done with it?

Consumers are learning to be smart with their personal information lest it be stolen and abused. 

In order to protect themselves, cut operating costs, and to establish trust with customers, businesses should switch to eForms.  Customer information is captured electronically, thus no physical document exists.  The information is protected and is processed faster.

Today, the ease with which eForms and Enterprise Content Management systems can be deployed and the low monthly cost make it hard not to consider.

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