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Our Plans Broken Down





Web Hosted Deal Jacket check check check
FTC Compliant Audit Trail Check check check
Unlimited User Access Check check check
Dealer Management System Integration Check check check
Tablet/Mobile Friendly check check check
Microsoft Office Toolbar Integrations check check check
Automatic Document Destruction Capabilities check check check
Unlimited Tech Support check check check
Automated Electronic Document Import check check check
Automated Electronic Document Import check check check
Advanced Document Capture (Paper & Electronic) check check
Dealer Management System Data Sync check check
Electronic Forms Automation check
Enhanced Document Workflow Controls check

Monthly Due (per Gigabyte used)

$130 $130


(plus $200 fixed cost

per month)

One Time Setup Fee $4,499 $5,899 $6,539

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What is Dealer Management System Integration?

A dealer management system integration allows for scanning or retrieving documents directly from your dealer management system(such as ) with just the single press of a button. This makes your day to day work much more efficient as you never have to leave your dealer management system.

What does the Microsoft Office Toolbar Integration consist of?

The Microsoft Office Toolbar integration adds a toolbar to your Office programs, like Outlook and Word. This allows you to easily save any Microsoft document right into the deal jacket management system as you are working on it.

What is Advanced Document Capture?

Advanced document capture is a batch scanning program that allows for the capturing (both paper and electronic documents) and organization of a large volume of documents in a short amount of time. Data can be automatically extracted from the documents, increasing your processing speed and minimizing user errors.

What is Automated Electronic Document Import?

The dealer jacket management system has the ability to automatically import electronic documents from a file share on your network. It will read the folder and file names to automatically classify the documents into an organized fashion, making them easier to find in the future.

What is Electronic Forms Automation?

Electronic forms automation allows you to turn your paper forms, into electronic fillable forms. This eliminates the creation of paper from the start and keeps your documents organized and fully trackable from their inception.

What are Enhanced Document Workflow Controls?

Custom designed workflows can be added to your deal jacket management system that are suited to the way your dealership does business. These workflows can help automatically move documents throughout your business to ensure that all tasks are properly completed as you process the deal jacket, as well as ensuring everyone knows where the deal jacket is at in the process at all times. This enforces accountability to make sure there are no individual delays caused by a single employee and gets the customer on their way as quickly as possible.

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