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Not Your Everyday Compliance


check  Avoid FTC Fines Starting at $10,000

check  Reduce Your Storage costs by 70%

check  Find all your deals right from your computer.

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Integrates with Most Dealer Management Systems 

Let your information and Deal Jackets flow from one depart to another - reducing your headaches and keeping you organized and happy.



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Traditional Paper Trail

  • Less Productive Employees
  • Higher Chance of FTC Fines
  • More Labor Intensive
  • Reduced Physical Storage Space
  • Natural Disaster Wipes Your Files
  • Inconsistent Content in Filing Cabinents

Using The ImageTek Software

  • Simple Updating Process
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Instant Increase in Productivity
  • Instant Access to All Files
  • Restricted Access for Employees
  • Become a 'Green' Business


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Stop Searching and Start Working!

x  The average document gets copied 19 times 

x  Half an office workers time is spent handling paper or data entry 

x  Recovery costs come in at an alarming $120/document 

xx  It costs $25,000 to fill a four-drawer filing cabinet 

ImageTek helps nearly 400 business globally in document
management and FTC Compliance
Join our other 8,900 happy customers!

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