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Regardless of format, we can do it all.

 Large or small, public or private, anywhere in the world… virtually all organizations have documents that need to be archived and/or retrieved. These documents can consist of paper files, microfilm, and/or historical books. It takes time and effort for an organization to keep the files secure and catalogued in a way they are easily found. Imagetek provides a solution to clear the clutter while saving the organizations valuable time and money: Outsourcing Services (prep, scan, index, export).

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Mail Processing

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Aperture Cards

unbound and bound books


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Standard Paper

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Unbound & Bound Books

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Microfilm & Microfiche

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Electronic Documents

The Process of Your Outsourcing

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Predictable Results & Reduced Risk

With over 20 years of experience, we have an industry-leading accuracy score that puts your business first. The average accuracy is only 99%, but we're proud to boast a 99.78% indexing accuracy.

Across 20,000 fields, we would only make 44 mistakes while the average would make over 200 errors!

To date we've scanned over 5 million documents for our clients. 

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Fast, Cost-efficient, Scalable

Graphing Workflows

Turn your work into our work!

As soon as we receive your documents, they are prepped, scanned and indexed right into your preferred system.

This moves your business faster in the direction you're wanting to go, reduces errors, and saves your bottom line.

Expereienced Staff

There is no requirement to have the documents scan ready. Imagetek has experienced and dedicated document preparation staff that can prep and orient documents for the highest productivity at the time of scanning. Scanning is performed promptly due to the high capacity production scanners that are used, outputting superior quality images. We at Imagetek understand the indexing phase is critical and have multiple methods to minimize the labor and maximize the accuracy. Exporting is handled based on organization’s needs.

imagetek offers secure on and off site storage for enterprise document management

The documents are picked up by Imagetek employees. While in Imagetek’s possession the boxes and images are stored in a secure building. Only authorized personnel are allowed in areas where client documents reside, each room requires an identification card for admittance. After the on-time completion of each job, the organization has the option to receive the documents back or allow them to be shredded and disposed of.


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Each group of documents is scheduled for pick up and completion to minimize the length of time a client does not have direct access to the documents or images. All clients have access to the documents at Imagetek’s facilities, through the retrieval services, at all times. Send an email and the documents will be returned via the selected method.

Using imagetek you cut enterprise content management costs

It all adds up to an easy decision for any organization: Send the documents, microfilm, and/or historical books to Imagetek for conversion. There is no hassle and it is less expensive than performing the same functions internally.Imagetek will require a test box for scanning so that both parties have a full understanding about the job that needs to be completed. A test will allow Imagetek to judge the preparation labor involved, how the pages feed through the scanner, and validate the indexing.