Imagetek offers a complete line of products and suites to create an Automated Business Process that makes sense for you.  Our documented turnkey approach allows you to quickly and easily become a paperless office.

  • Cloud ECM

    Document Management Systems

    Radix, a top-tier document management system delivers any document, anywhere, anytime.

    • Reduce information retrieval times by nearly 90%
    • Protect information from theft and natural disaster
    • Automate federal compliance processes and tracking activities
    • Fully customizable audit trails, security controls, user activity, document history and records retention policies

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  • e-froms for the solutions site document management


    Digitally capture, route and approve your forms in full automation.

    • $42,000A 500 employee company spends this much on wasted paper forms (6 cents/page).

    • Simple and easy to user interface allows you to add new forms in seconds

    • Our patented artificial intelligence (AI) quickly identifies types so you don't have to.

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  • documetn workflow for document management

    Document Workflow

    Automate document routing and streamline business processes with Workflow!

    • Workflow leverages all the security, scalability, reliability and integration of the DMS system to guarantee the integrity and availability of the data

    • Graphical Setup with an icon-based, graphical diagram for simple point-and-click creation

    • Monitor compliance by tracking live document progress with continually updated activity reports

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  • document scanner for document management systems

    Document Scanners

    We offer an extremely wide variety of scanners so we can help find the perfect scanner for your business

    • High-volume scanners designed to be shared by multiple users 
    • Convert paper records to imaged files on demand using Imagetek’s built-in scanning interface
    • Turn photos taken on phones and tablets into searchable, secure documents
    • Automate document identification, indexing, classification and filing in even the most paper-intensive environments

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  • Cloud ECM

    Forms Magic - Artificial Intelligence

    Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), our algorithms learn your invoices and automatically classify and file your AP processes for you.

    • Boost Efficiency with document recognition and data extraction
    • Improve control with automatic and accurate classification
    • Save Money by eliminating costly manual processes

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