Document Scanners






(price range)


$449 - $899

imagetek departmental slightly bigger scanner for powersports

$2049 - $4049

imagetek corporation scanner

$4799 - $20,000+


Reliable scanners for individual workstations, providing high-end scanning and imaging software with a smaller footprint 

High-volume scanners designed to be shared by multiple users 

Workhorse machines designed for high-speed, continuous use


Frontline service personnel and administrative staff who need a small scanner at their fingertips 

Accounts payable, records, multiple departments and entire floors that do multiple, large-volume scan jobs in an hour 

Records, payment processing, service bureaus, legal, banking and other businesses in which scanning is a full-time job 


Up to 100 sheets at a time of mixed sizes and paper stocks 

Up to 300 sheets at a time, up to 25,000 sheets a day 

Up to 1,000 sheets at time, continuous use 

How much does a scanner cost and which scanner is the best for me?

Document scanners can range in cost from a few hundred dollars up to $20,000 (and sometimes even more). Before you can figure out what the perfect scanner is for you and how much it’s going to cost, you need to think through a couple different goals and features for what you’re looking for. There are a number of different features and functions that will affect the cost.  It’s important to consider the features and functions that apply to your specific scanning needs so that you can purchase the best “fit” for your department or organization. 

General considerations include:

enterprise document management system how big is your document

What is the largest sheet size of paper that you will be scanning? 

While large format scanners are designed to scan documents over 36” wide, the more common consideration is legal or tabloid sheet size scanners.  In general, the larger the sheet size requirement the higher the scanner cost. ImageTek provides scanners for all different sizes of large format scanners, so if you have a question be sure to get in contact with our support team.


How many sheets of paper would you like to scan at one time?   

Document scanners include an automatic document feeder (ADF) and the number of sheets of paper that can be placed in the ADF tray will vary.  The tray can range from 50 sheet capacity all the way up to 1000 sheet capacity.


Do you have very delicate documents that would require a flatbed scanner? 

In some cases, organizations may have very old, brittle documents that cannot be fed through an ADF scanner.  If this is the situation a flatbed scanner or ADF/flatbed combination may be necessary.

scanning by day

How many sheets of paper would you like to scan per day? 

Each scanner model has a “daily duty cycle”.  The daily duty cycle represents the maximum number of pages the manufacturer recommends scanning per day for a particular scanner model.  The daily duty cycle can range from a few thousand pages to hundreds of thousands of pages per day.  Scanner speed will also affect the number of pages you can scan per day.  Scanner speed can vary from 20 pages per minute to 140 pages per minute.


Will My Scanner work with Raddix(Our document management system)? 

As long as your scanner is directly connected to the computer you are logging into Radix from, and has a TWAIN driver, it should work properly to scan documents into Radix.

What is the most commonly recommended scanner model?

The most commonly recommended scanner model would fall into the Desktop scanner category.  Most organizations that are in the market to purchase a new scanner will be scanning documents that are legal size or smaller and will not scan more than 5,000 pages per day.  That fits the criteria for a Desktop scanner model.  At this time the model that we most commonly recommend is the Panasonic KV-S1057 model and it is near the top of the Desktop scanner cost range of $499-$899.