Forms Magic

Artificial Intelligence for Document Management Software

Automatically Extract Data From Any Source

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Process forms faster, easier, and cut your costs


Securely and accurately capture data

speed up business processes

Speed up your businesses processes for greater efficiency

Why Forms Magic Matters to You

15 Minutes

The time it takes invoice processing instead of over an hour.

10,000 Hours

The amount of time saved by automatic processing vs. manual.


Saved per year by saving more than $40 per invoice processed.

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See How Forms Magic Works!

Here is a quick 5 minute video that explains how Forms Magic impacts your accounting department.

Eliminate Manual Entry Using Artificial Intelligence

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  • Our patented artificial intelligence (AI) quickly identifies types so you don't have to
  • Boost efficiency with document recognition and data extraction
  • Improve control with accurate classification

It's Still Accounts Payable, Only Smarter


Every invoice scanned is read by our artificial intelligence, that learns about YOUR invoices over time. Then it can automatically classify and file - so you don't have to.

  • Save money by eliminating costly manual processes
  • 70% of today's AP costs are associated with document handling and manual data entry.
  • We eliminate human error. Once your information is captured from the automatic form, you'll never have to worry about data entry problems.
  • You'll gain SUBSTANTIAL savings. It costs on average $11.76 to process a single invoice, but with E-Forms we reduce that to just $6.30 per invoice. 

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