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Imagetek provides automated invoice workflows, AP software integrations, and total visibility of your accounts payable processes.

Introducing AP Automation

AP automation is a touch-free way to handle and process invoices, and it’s come a long way since the term was coined. Modern companies today have accounts payable teams of five or more team members, and they are poised to reap ridiculous ROIs.

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Why Leaders Choose AP Automation

Fast, accurate, and efficient

With machine learning, power your accounts payable process to reduce errors, hand-keying, and speed your team’s processes.

Flexible Configurations

Drag and drop builder to create workflows that work for you. Route the right information to the right person in seconds with no manual entry.

Realize early payment discounts

Overpayments, duplicate payments, late fees, and early payment discounts. Invoice data automatically extracted to provide real-time insights.

Be 100% Paperless on Day 1

Paper invoices are not only expensive to process but easy to get lost in the shuffle. Go completely electronic and automatically feed your data.

Effortless Integrations with AP software

Sync with SAP, Quickbooks, NetSuite, and more! Works with any ERP or accounting system and connects with solutions from other vendors.

Accessibility & transparency

 Keep your entire team informed on the status of each invoice. Share information effortlessly and also track who and when those invoices were accessed.

Are your suppliers still sending you PDF or paper invoices?

Imagetek helps onboard all of your partners

Supplier onboarding is so critical to your e-invoicing success, we guarantee it with a Service Level Agreement. With a dedicated onboarding team Imagetek gives buyers and sellers a quick return on their investment.

Move to a solution… on your own terms.

Test your transition at your own pace – no deadlines

It’s all about choice and control. You have the choice to phase in your deployment to make sure everything works the way you want it to.

The Efficiency & ROI of AP Automation

The average (discovered and reported by iPayables) was that the average person can manually enter 5 invoices per hour. In contrast, OCR can process 22 invoices an hour – a 340% increase in productivity! In addition to that, the hand key errors are significantly less since you’re utilizing a trained system.

Imagetek integrates with tools you know and love… and more!

A robust API helps connect to ANY system

With seamless access to the third-party apps and tools you already use (and even some you may want to use), you can share invoice information and collaborate easily without having to bounce around all day. Your IT department manages configuration, permissions and authentication, so even as you’re multi-tasking across apps, you know your data is always secure.


Quickly move from concept to execution with customer-tested solutions

Proven processes help ensure your transition will be a success

Based on best practices and insights gained from successful AP implementations, Imagetek solutions are easily configured to get you quickly on the path to solving your teams challenges. Whether you need a better way to process accounts payable information, a better way to free up your team, or a central place to manage all of your AP data, we have a solution to meet your needs.

De-Risk your AP Automation Transformation.

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How AP Automation Works

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“Revolutionary to our processes!!”

“Forms Magic has revolutionized our AP processes! We’ve been able to cut our invoice processing time by over 75%. We’re saving the organization money and improving relationships with our business partners. We love Forms Magic!”

De-Risk your AP Automation Transformation.

Download our MEGA bundle full of content to keep you updated, informed, and ready to make a smart decision.

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