For your document management system.

Ratchet-X is a desktop application integration platform that allows you to add new features to existing applications without requiring changes to those applications or cooperation from vendors. These new features can range in form from a simple push of data from one application screen to another, through highly choreographed, multi-data source syncs, data extractions and pastes. Via Ratchet-X you can integrate the data contained within your application screens with the following data sources:

  • other screens in the same application
  • other screens in different applications
  • web sites
  • web services (REST, SOAP)
  • databases and structured files (XML, CSV, fixed-length record, etc.)
  • electronic forms
  • custom APIs

Integrations Explained

In addition to the extensive API and customization capabilities, PaperVision Enterprise’s Integration Definitions can document-enable any Windows-based application, eliminating the need for administrators to write additional code or use APIs. Integration Definitions are project-level definitions that allow administrators to configure what triggers PaperVision Enterprise to launch, which data to extract when calling the third-party application, which index field values to search, and what to do with the search results (i.e. display a document). When a user logs into the PaperVision Enterprise Web Client running in Integration Mode, the system automatically retrieves the latest integration definitions.

Designed to automate data synchronization, Sync can populate index values in Radix or Papervision Enterprise. It can populate values from Radix or Papervision Enterprise into an existing database or file. Eliminates user keystrokes and improves data accuracy. Runs manually or on a schedule.

Imagetek has created custom export steps for Papervision Capture to send files to Imagenow, FileNet, Paperclip, Sire, etc. If an organization is currently running a content management system, odds are we can create the output you need to utilize the batch scanning software.

Imagetek has created custom code steps within Papervision Capture, Directory Manager Import, to monitor a location on the network and create a batch automatically when images are present. It has the capability to read the file names and extract that data to fill in index information for you. Custom Match and Merge steps to pull data from existing databases or locations hosting metadata information.

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