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Empowered document capture software, for empowered teams.

Capture, a document capture software is the tool you’ve been searching for. Trusted by over 10,000 plus fans across the globe, you’ll find yourself in good company. It’s fast. It’s accurate. It’s easy to use, for everyone.


Capture: document capture software

Capture is the first step to getting your information organized. A document capture solution allows you to scan in paper copies, or import images you already have, to get them in one location for indexing. Then, the documents are sent to your preferred electronic content management (ECM) system for retrieval. Also available with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Barcode recognition capabilities.

With PaperVision Capture, you’ll be able to:
  1. Centralize document or information capture in one simple dashboard.
  2. Ensure accuracy with extensive quality control options and index field verification
  3. Track productivity by using a wide variety of statistics or by creating custom statistics of your own.
document capture software showing the dashboard
This is the dashboard of Capture, our document capture software.
document capture software showing multiple documents being scanned in and categorized on the right hand side
Another view of the dashboard - notice your scanned documents in a thumbnail view on the right hand side.

Solution for you and your team.

The easy to use interface allows users to customize what they want to see. Thumbnails for quick click navigation and review of images. Index manager that lays out what you need to fill in for information.  Only takes about an hour to get trained on how to use so setting up and getting started is fast and efficient.

If you want a deeper look, we recommend checking this ‘In-depth guide to PaperVison Capture‘ here.

Digitize, find, and store your information with ease.

Capture was created with you in mind – we’ve made it simple to use and powerful for your team.

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Why businesses love Capture

Scanning and indexing your information with document capture software has never been easier. These premium features help your information get accessed by your team faster and easier than ever.

Run Any Scanner

If your scanner has an ISIS or TWAIN driver, chances are it will work.


Scale your indexing processes with unlimited scanning for a constant price unmet by competitors.

Turnkey Solution

Capture works out of the box. No coding or integrations necessary, and always easy training.


Complex solutions shouldn’t be complex to the user, and we’ve made sure to make it easier than ever.


Navigate and preview content with thumbnails of document pages.

Low Wait Times

When a batch is completed it’s uploaded directly to your preferred ECM system.


With Flexible Document Capture

This document capture software, PaperVision Capture, brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and power to information capture and document imaging solutions. Work with all types of information, implement any custom process you want, and track any statistic you need.

  1. Image thumbnail view enables intuitive batch navigation and document manipulation
  2. Batch management for real-time, system-wide status and to prioritize work for operators
  3. Eliminate keystrokes and enhance accuracy with barcode and optical character recognition (OCR).
  4. Populate index information instantly by matching values and merging them with existing data.
document capture software showing the batch entry dashboard by Imagetek
Another dashboard - here we can see the different incoming and queued batches
document imaging solution illustration showing how mail can be scanned into the cloud

Ultimate document capture software

PaperVision Capture is the only document capture software you’ll most likely ever need. PaperVision Capture runs any scanner you have at the manufacturers’ full-rated speeds, but don’t stop at paper.

You can also automatically import forms and images from existing systems and capture documents from fax servers and multi-functional devices. Best of all, this document imaging solution can index images quickly and match them with accurate index information from existing databases and systems. When integrated with PaperVision Forms Magic, you can classify documents and extract critical data on the fly, eliminating manual processes.

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