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Document imaging software utopia is here - meet Forms Magic.

You’ll question how you ever worked before – seriously. The most innovative and advanced document imaging software available to you. Say goodbye to hand keying and data entry errors – and let artificial intelligence take over.


Premiere document imaging software.

Forget classification failures, rescanning, and manual error correction. For years, forms processing and document imaging software users have settled for the mediocre recognition and the classification results produced by systems that rely only on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify documents. Step up to the next level with the most intelligent document imaging software, Forms Magic! Much like the human eye-brain connection, the FM technology uses multiple data points to make classification decisions, including spatial layout and algorithmic analytics, ensuring accuracy rates above 90%!

document imaging software forms magic showing invoice data extraction
Document imaging software, Forms Magic, showing invoice data extraction.

Of how Forms Magic works

  • Our patented artificial intelligence (AI) quickly identifies types so you don’t have to
  • Boost efficiency with document recognition and data extraction
  • Improve control with accurate classification
  • Process forms faster, easier, and cut your costs
  • Securely and accurately capture all forms and types of data
  • Speed up your business processes for greater efficiency
document imaging software showing confidence levels of extracted data
Document imaging software showing confidence levels of extracted data.

Speeds Everything

Are you still hand-keying information after scanning? It’s time to advance to the next level of document imaging software. Your business processes now move as fast (if not faster) than your team. The Forms Magic technology automatically extracts the information you need on-the-fly during scanning. Imagine populating index values or be sent to virtually any line-of-business application freeing you from hand entering data across the organization!

Automate data extraction with 99% accuracy.

Can you afford to wait? Eliminate hand-keyed mistakes with no extra effort.

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Why businesses love Forms Magic

Forms Magic isn't just about Accounts Payable - it's about faster and less manual processes. Document recognition and document imaging software can accelerate your scanning processes with a higher accuracy rate and reduce employee time wastage.

Data Extraction

Using artificial intelligence, we can automatically pull data from any document – invoices, forms, images, and more!

Document Recognition

Our software ‘learns’ your documents or invoices over time resulting in faster classification. – like matching vendor names, logos, file formats, and so much more!

Accurate Classification

By using a color-coded confidence level, you’re able to see where the document imaging software isn’t confident, and where it understands the data. Simple point and click validation from users maximize productivity.

Artificial Intelligence

We eliminate keystrokes and manual hand-key errors. Not only is this inefficient, but mistakes cost are major in the long run.

A Case Study

MSI Mold Builders Saves BIG Time.

Compliance is a major hassle for thousands of companies. Luckily, with Radix we are able to provide checks and balances within the software to where you never have to worry or think about. We've created processes to keep you safe and protected.

  • Invoices take only 15 minutes to process instead of over an hour, saving more than 10,000 hours of productivity annually
  • 100% of documents are now protected from disaster
  1. Now saves more than $40 per invoice processed, a total cost savings of $676,000 per year
  2. Implementation and training for nine people were completed in just a week.
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document imaging software dashboard showing accounts recievable data extraction
Document imaging software dashboard showing accounts receivable data extraction

Extraordinary Recognition and Classification

The PaperVision Forms Magic technology (FM technology) offers unmatched accuracy of document recognition and classification. Any data within the document can be extracted to populate index values or other databases. The FM technology is a fully integrated component of PaperVision® Capture. Both documents and data can be exported to a wide variety of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems including PaperVision® EnterpriseRadix, or your preferred ECM.

Accounts Payable

Every invoice scanned is read by our artificial intelligence, that learns about YOUR invoices over time. Then it can automatically classify and file – so you don’t have to.


  • Save money by eliminating costly manual processes
  • 70% of today’s AP costs are associated with document handling and manual data entry.
  • We eliminate human error. Once your information is captured from the automatic form, you’ll never have to worry about data entry problems.
  • You’ll gain SUBSTANTIAL savings. It costs on average $11.76 to process a single invoice, but with E-Forms we reduce that to just $6.30 per invoice.
document imaging software dashboard showing accounts recievable data extraction
Document Recognition - Forms Magic Software speed dial showing efficiency

Save Money by Eliminating Costly Manual Processes

  1. Minimize costly keystrokes with data extraction that automatically populates index values or other line-of-business applications with critical data.
  2. Improve cash flow by speeding information processes and reducing time-to-payment schedules.
  3. Integrate forms easily into electronic workflow processes and distribute them quickly to improve decision-making throughout the enterprise.

Classify Documents and Extract Critical Data

The PaperVision Forms Magic Technology for PaperVision® Capture is the only forms processing and document imaging software to leverage patented artificial intelligence (AI). This helps dramatically improve classification accuracy and extraction results.

The Forms Magic technology (FM technology) will classify documents into types and extract the critical data you need to speed business processes and make better decisions. Forms Magic is a fully integrated component of PaperVision Capture, and documents and extracted data can be exported to a wide variety of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems including PaperVision® Enterprise.

Document Recognition - Forms Magic Software with multiple types of documents being classified and put into a folder

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