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A Premiere Document Management System.

Radix is an asset of the document management system that runs from your personal desktop PC, Mac, laptop, or even mobile phone. Radix is a hosted, cloud-storage system that enables you to search for any and all of your information.


What is the document management system Radix?

Radix is a cloud-based enterprise document management system that helps you manage, organize, find, and store any and all types of documents and information. Radix offers an off-site (meaning hosted in the cloud), secure, and reliable document and content management service. Radix ensures secure access to corporate data to an unlimited number of users within an organization, allowing retrieval of any document, anywhere, anytime. Radix was built to be a premiere document management system offered at an affordable rate. And we have achieved that mission.

The document management system is ultra-secure – it utilizes an off-site repository. This means means we store your data in the cloud. With multiple backups around your data and redundancies built-in, you eliminate the potential for hardware failures affecting the loss of corporate data.

document management system dashboard showing imageteks product radix on a computer mockup
Document management dashboard Radix showing the search results screen
Document management system radix showing different search result and project screens

Increase Collaboration

A powerful search engine gives you maximum and efficiency when locating the information you need. Whether it’s a PDF, Word Doc, Excel sheet, or even an image, this document management system finds what you need when you need it.

A few of our favorite document management system features:

  • Emailing documents straight from Radix to your colleagues. No need to download information and attach them in a separate email client.
  • Users can organize, upload, scan, index and add new documents or view search results in a simple and easy to use format
  • User check-in/check-out functions include detailed audit tracking and simplified roll-back processes

Find any document in seconds

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime – your data is always available right when you need it
  • Browser-based document viewer enables secure access to and sharing of documents
  • Use on any device without installing anything
  • Store and retrieve any type of file, including images, Microsoft® Office files, and PDF’s
  • Extensive full-text search capabilities that support synonym, stemming, fuzzy logic, phonics, Boolean, natural language and variable term weighting search options with results displayed in statistically ranked order
  • The Web Assistant allows you to easily scroll through documents, view thumbnails, and index documents to view when it is most convenient for you
  • Extensive reporting capabilities track system and user activity, including records retention and destruction activities
document management system mockup of dashboard showing workflow integration and approving invoices
Workflow integration for invoices - routing approvals for approval or rejection

Organize and Collaborate Right Now

Unlock the power of a document management system, with an easy-to-follow (but comprehensive) complimentary walkthrough of Radix. What are you waiting for?

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Why businesses love Radix

Here are just a few document management system features that help you keep your business running behind the scenes, and your information organized and shareable.

Simple Interface

Our web-facing interface is simple, easy-to-use, and fast. Find your information and documents anytime and anywhere faster and easier than ever.

Audit Trail

Radix allows you to keep a paper trail of who accesses each type of document, keeping you audit ready and friendly.


Make scanned and electronic files full-text searchable.


Automatically file your documents upon import.


Navigate and preview content with thumbnails of document pages.

Cloud Backup

All of your information will be saved and backed up in the cloud, using our off-site servers. Never worry about losing paper files to a disaster again.

Audit Trails

Compliance is automated and never an issue

Compliance is a major hassle for thousands of companies. Luckily, with the document management system Radix, checks and balances are built in. This frees up your time and money to focus on other important issues. We've created processes to keep you safe and protected.

  • Retention policies can protect records from destruction during specified time periods, set up email review notifications, and automatically purge expired records
  • Detailed audit trails and disclosure data gathering assist in complying with industry and government regulations
  • Annotations allow specific users to redact, or hide, certain information within a document, or to add textual notes

Extend Your Capabilities & Performance

document management system eforms capability addon
Radix Addon


Fully integrated tool for Radix and PaperVision Enterprise. Allows users to convert paper forms into electronically fillable forms: including (but not limited to) hiring forms, direct deposit forms, to even requesting time off forms! After the E-Form is filled out and saved it is uploaded and stored in Radix or PaperVision Enterprise.

document management system workflow addon
Radix Addon


With Workflow you are able to route information quickly and efficiently to any decision maker or department. Increase communication and collaboration with team members by showing documents and where they’re at in the business process, and alert users of pending work assignments.

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