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Workflow Automation Software - Clients from Imagetek the premier Document Management Solution

Workflow automation software.

Make standard business operations easy to execute and easy to manage by using our premier Workflow automation software. Electronically routing documents, notifying users of pending work assignments and tracking progress step by step using PaperVision Enterprise or Radix.

Our Workflow automation software helps keep tight control over the incoming mail and the documents you receive. Instead of paper piling up on desks, you have electronic reports showing us who has the document and where it is in the business process.

  • Fully integrated tool or add-on for Radix and Papervision Enterprise, our ECM systems.
  • Improve Customer Service by decreasing document processing time.
  • Create process efficiencies by making tasks easy, providing work step instructions and putting all the data at your fingertips.
  • Enhance Security and Compliance with detailed audit reports
  • Graphical Setup with an easy to use drag and drop workflow builder.
Workflow Automation Software - Route documents to the correct administration Imagetek
Workflow Automation Software - Routing infromation to the correct destination

Business processes

  1. Ensure proper procedures are completed within set timeframes by receiving alerts showing stalled or inactive documents.
  2. The Workflow automation software leverages all the security, scalability, reliability and integration of the ECM system to guarantee the integrity and availability of the data
  3. Provided documented evidence of compliant procedures with detailed audit reports

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Setup is quick and easy, and you get a complimentary walkthrough. What are you waiting for?

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Why businesses love Workflow

Workflows can be hard to conceptualize, but Radix and PaperVision Workflow's features make creating and implementing them a breeze.

Workflow Automation Software - Imagetek Product Software Spotlight

Graphical Setup

With a drag and drop builder, it’s easier than ever to build custom and efficient workflows.

Automated Processing

Instantly notify teammates when documents are routed to them for approval and review.

Effortless Admin

Multiple WorkFlow administrators can simultaneously manage an unlimited number of teams, projects, and workflows.

Detailed Reports

View and print workflow tasks in their entirety or at any point during the transaction along with continually updated stats reports.

Powerful Processes

Increase competitive advantage by electronically organizing, controlling and intelligently routing the documents that drive your organization.

Diagrams Made Easy

Create workflows that route information to the right person.

To set up WorkFlow procedures within the Workflow automation software, Administrators use an icon-based, graphical diagram for simple point-and-click creation For example, a mortgage administrator can effortlessly navigate thousands of mortgage applications through an otherwise complex loan approval process. Even if a loan application arrives via email with attachments, the system can initiate the process and forward the attached documents. When a procedure is complete, approved loan documents can be emailed to the appropriate manager

  • Graphical setup with an icon-based, graphical diagram for simple point-and-click creation
  • Designed as a fully integrated, highly customizable document distributor to all system users
  • Monitor compliance by tracking live document progress with continually updated activity reports

Organize and Collaborate Right NOW

Setup is quick and easy, and you get a complimentary walkthrough. What are you waiting for?

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