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Form automation solution

Today’s modern form automation solution is here. Reallocate time spent on pushing paper to revenue generating activities! Automate form submissions and speed up the approval process significantly. Sign forms electronically and turn any form into a digital copy and collect all information accurately and instantly:

  1. Sales orders
  2. Vacation requests
  3. Expense reports
  4. Surveys
  5. Questionnaires
  6. PTO
  7. And more!

Your Information.

Enhance efficiency with our form automation solution, and harness the ability to automatically capture information and file a form as soon as it’s filled out. This makes the data available to other business systems and users immediately.

E-Forms, a forms processing software, comes complete with audit trails and acknowledgments – making approving and seeing forms a breeze! Surveys and questionnaires can automatically enter an electronic forms workflow to trigger up a follow-up response.

  • Virtually any form can be input into the system for your recognition
  • Automate your submissions, routing and review for faster approval or denial
  • Simple and easy to user interface allows you to add new forms in seconds
  • Multi-page PDF document breaking allows you to take one form and divide it into smaller pieces
  • Add or delete questions from any form without needing any programming assistance.

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Why businesses love E-Forms

Premium features that keep you, your team, and your business running as efficiently as possible. With an unlimited amount of users, you'll see an ROI in no time.

Cut Costs

Process forms faster, easier, and cut your costs revolving around lost productivity and paper waste.


Automate submissions for your teams analysis with our form automation solution


Automate submissions from your electronic forms to the correct department for your team’s analysis


Speed up your businesses processes for greater efficiency.

Unlimited Forms

No matter how many forms you have, we can help you get them created for use.

Digital Signature

Use digital signatures inside E-Forms for faster document approval and denial. Save time and headaches.

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E-Forms Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the information in a publicly hosted E-Form sent securely to the PaperVision/Radix server when it is saved/submitted?
What are the minimum requirements for an E-Form definition to be valid?
Can other code (HTML, jquery, javascript, etc.) be used in an E-Form definition?
Does the E-Forms feature require additional licensing?
Can controls be made conditional based on other controls being selected?