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With a premier student record management system.

Radix, a document management system that has helped higher education institutions all over the U.S manage their student records and departments information. These documents can include paper files, distribution copies kept by other departments, electronic files on the network, and emails. With Radix, you’ll be able to access all of your information from any location, at any time, with any device.

Find students faster with a number of available fields (which are always completely configurable to your choosing):

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Entrance date
  • Completion date
  • Withdrawal date
  • Schools or previous schools
  • Document type
  • Unique ID number
  • Maiden name
  • Date
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Public records.

Federal regulations dictate how government-funded agencies, including schools and universities, must manage public records. The Freedom of Information Act covers electronic records and email, mandating that electronic documents be easily accessible and readily available to the public.

Imagetek’s ECM technology also simplifies message retrieval by managing email messages in the same searchable system where all other documents are stored. Users can redact or hide sensitive information from email messages and documents saved as open records. Plus, non-repudiation detects any tampering of email message content.


Integrated with Empower

Empower is a student information system, and includes a ‘one click’ connection directly into our document management system, Radix. Radix enables users to securely access any document, image, sound file, photo, or other digital material on the Radix server, directly from Empower. Users can retrieve current students records directly from Radix – and always compliant with FERPA requirements and medical records.

Not only can this be used for student records, but we also can help any higher education department – administration, accounting, human resources, and more.

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Products to help your institution stay organized, focused, and growing.


Manage, backup, and access your information in the cloud.

PaperVision Enterprise

Manage and access all your information from your own network.

Forms Magic

Use artificial intelligence to extract data from your documents faster.


Collect and organize the data you collect from digital or electronic forms.


Route information quickly and efficiently to any decision maker or department.


Digitalize, organize, classify/index, and export documents at a batch level.

The right solution

Streamline Records Management—Efficient information systems are the building blocks of several government education initiatives. If schools want to stay competitive, reduce costs and react to requirements and industry trends, they need technological solutions to simplify administrative procedures, student services, security and data tracking.

Move Toward Digital Content—Schools need the capability to capture, store, manage and retrieve information quickly and securely. Digital content can allow school leaders to consolidate applications and accelerate decision making, administrative processes, and educational practices. Additionally, electronic content enables online services and simplifies disaster recovery.

Make information public when it needs to be

Find and Filter Sensitive Information from Public Records—Schools must be able to archive documents for public access and filter personal information before sharing those documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

Capture and Store Email Messages—The Freedom of Information Act and the FRCP guidelines make many schools responsible for maintaining records, including email messages. Schools must have a process for capturing, storing and retrieving email messages so they can be recovered as public records or retrieved for litigation purposes.

Organize and Collaborate Right NOW

Setup is quick and easy, and you get a complimentary walkthrough. What are you waiting for?

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