Unlimited possibilities with this Electronic Forms Software

Digitally Capture, Route, and Approve Your Forms.

Drag-and-drop electronic forms software

Eforms is an electronic forms software – with unlimited possibilities. Create electronic forms in minutes to send internally to your team, or to your customers. Your data is fully searchable, categorized, and easy to find. It just works.

Your Next Premier

Electronic Forms Software

Today’s modern electronic forms software is here. Reallocate time spent on pushing paper, to revenue generating activities! Automate form submissions and speed up the approval process significantly. Sign forms electronically and turn any form into a digital copy and collect all information accurately and instantly:

  1. Sales orders
  2. Vacation requests
  3. Expense reports
  4. Surveys
  5. Questionnaires
  6. PTO
  7. And more!
electronic forms software showing integration with document management software radix
electronic forms software eforms in muiltiple different screens

Instant Availability to all of

Your gathered form data

Enhance efficiency with our electronic forms software, and harness the ability to automatically capture information and file a form as soon as it’s filled out. This makes the data available to other business systems and users immediately.

E-Forms, an electronic forms processing software, comes complete with audit trails and acknowledgments – making approving and seeing forms a breeze! Surveys and questionnaires can automatically enter an electronic forms workflow to trigger up a follow-up response.

  • Virtually any form can be input into the system for your recognition
  • Automate your submissions, routing and review for faster approval or denial
  • Simple and easy to user interface allows you to add new forms in seconds
  • Multi-page PDF document breaking allows you to take one form and divide it into smaller pieces
  • Add or delete questions from any form without needing any programming assistance.

Why businesses love EForms

Creating, building, and maintaining your forms has never been simpler. After your first couple, you'll wonder how you ever worked without this electronic forms software.

Cut Costs

Process forms faster, easier, and cut your costs revolving around lost productivity and paper waste.


Automate submissions for your teams’ analysis with our electronic forms software.

Digital Signatures

Use digital signatures inside E-Forms for faster document approval and denial. Save time and headaches.


Speed up your businesses processes for greater efficiency.

Unlimited Forms

No matter how many forms you have, we can help you get them created for use.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers

E-Forms Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. By enabling public access on the E-Form inside the electronic form software and setting public access permissions, an E-Form can be hosted on any website (or intranet) to allow submission of E-Form documents.

If the web server that hosts PaperVision Enterprise employs SSL, then the transmitted data would be encrypted. Radix only allows SSL connections. It is, however, a good practice to employ SSL on the website that’s hosting the <iframe> tag for the public E-Form to ensure the information is kept secure prior to submitting back to the server.

In order to have a valid E-Form definition, the entity must contain at least one User Group, since permissions for adding an E-Form is set at the group level. Inside the form automation solution, the definition must be assigned to one or more Projects, a Group needs to be assigned “Add Permissions”, and there must be a Group assigned for “View/Edit Permissions”. If these conditions are met, the E-Form can be saved and can also be published (i.e. made active).

Yes. In fact, if a customer has an existing web-based form coded in HTML, the .html file can be imported into the E-Form designer to convert it to an E-Form definition. It can then be further modified.

Yes. E-Form licenses are purchased on a per-entity basis. Once the entity is licensed, an unlimited number of E-Form definitions and documents can be created. PaperVision concurrent user seats will be consumed when a user logs in to create or access an E-Form document. Public access E-Forms (i.e. hosted on a website or intranet) will not consume a concurrent user seat since no user is logging into the entity. This allows smaller PaperVision installations to generate large volumes of E-Form documents without requiring additional seats.

Yes. Conditional logic is available within E-Forms (the form automation solution). For example, a form can hide a section for information on children’s ages until the user clicks the radio button “Yes” to designate they have a child.

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