Gnomon Case Study

Gnomon Case Study -

Enters the digital age and a cloud-based system


Fully Electronic

Were 120 times more efficient at finding student records and other documents.

Massive ROI

Saves over $100,000 every year in labor because of our fair and affordable prices.

Easy Training

Getting set up was a breeze. Implementation and training for an entire division took less than 6 hours!

Why businesses love Radix

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Being a school that teaches students how to maximize technology, Gnomon decided to digitize their administrative process as well. By using Radix, since early in 2015, they’ve been able make the record-keeping process much easier by keeping all student records together from admissions to graduation.

  1. Increases efficiency by finding records up to 120 times faster
  2. Can now control who can view over 2,000 student records
  3. Saves over $100,000 every year in labor
  4. Implementation and training took less than 6 hours 
[dt_sc_blockquote cite=”Missy Winters” role=”Education Operations Manager”]Radix makes all of our forms processes easier. The forms are now filled out more completely and we don’t have to keep asking for more information from the students. We like how we can store many different document types on Radix. Organization is key for us, and this makes it simple. It’s really nice![/dt_sc_blockquote]