The move to a reliable, secure, and complaint system, has never been a better idea.

An uncontestedly accurate government document management system

Compliant with all governmental regulations. A boost in team collaboration. Enables decades of information to be secure and searchable in seconds.


Save money with our ECM

Manage public records and record systems with ironclad security to procedures. Let the information that needs to be public, stay public, and the private information private. Securing your information, decreasing manual processes and increasing employee productivity are why Radix and PaperVision Enterprise exist:

  1. User check-in/check-out functions include detailed audit tracking and simplified roll-back processes
  2. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime so your data is always available right when you need it
  3. All of your information will be saved and backed up in the cloud, using our off-site servers. Never worry about losing paper files to a disaster again.
  4. Extensive reporting capabilities track system and user activity, including records retention and destruction activities
government document management system dashboard
Government document management system showing the viewing of an invoice.
government document management system search screen


Faster and safer than ever

Interacting with citizens and providing them with open, public, transparent and easy to access has always been a priority and initiative. In order for you to achieve an ROI and realize true value, we’ve built and put processes and checkpoints in place to ensure you’re always accurate and compliant:

  1. Implement information policies with multiple security levels and assign access rights for specific users and groups, including the public
  2. Securely disclose information by posting documents to a secure, web-accessible location.
  3. Track all user activity including completed, attempted or suspicious activities, such as trying to open protected records.
  4. Radix or PaperVision Enterprise help maintain and control your information, and enhances compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Homeland Security Act (HSA).


The mordern digital standard

SOX requires tight control over significant transactions and financial reports, and how these reports and transactions were created. Radix helps you control all of your financial statements, reports, and disclosures – all while being monitored and tracked with audit trails.

  1. Multiple security levels allow companies to control security, access to information and user activity
  2. Group-level, user-level and document-level security allow companies to verify internal controls
  3. Workflow processes help companies automatically route documents through compliant processes
  4. Audit trails provide detailed information about security
  5. Reports provide visibility and help companies evaluate transaction processes from start to finish

Products to help drive your business

Manage, backup, and access your information in the cloud.
Manage and access all of your information from your own network.
Use artificial intelligence to extract data from your documents faster.
Collect and organize data automatically through electronic forms.
Route information quickly and efficiently to any decision maker or department.
Digitize, organize, classify, index, and export documents at a batch level.

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Imagetek for Workflow

Automate simple tasks, and send information with no manual labor.

Imagetek for E-Forms

Fully customizable. Digitally sign forms and collect user and team information.

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