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Why should small and medium business care about Enterprise Content Management?  Because inefficiency and lack of control frustrates customers and employees, takes up valuable time, and costs you money!

Fortunately, ECM is not just for Fortune 500 companies any more.  Today, ECM solutions are robust, affordable, and easy to implement for any business.

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Institutions of higher learning face many of the same challenges with managing information that businesses and governments face.  However, managing the archival and retrieval of student records is a unique challenge.  Imagetek works with many colleges and universities to do just that.

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Government agencies are responsible for managing public records and record systems with ironclad information security while at the same time allowing access to public information.  What if it were possible for you to turn your existing system into an efficient, money saving system?  Securing your information, decreasing manual processes, and increasing your efficiency are principal reasons to invest in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology.

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Radix helps you manage and organize all of your information in one convenient place. Radix stores all of your documents and files in our highly secured cloud system allowing you to access your information and collaborate with teammates from anywhere, anytime. UNLIMITED users with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime! Request a demo.

Guard your customers and dealership against FTC fines and ensure you’re compliant with our dealer management system integration. Turn your deal jackets into electronic deal jackets and share your information across departments with ease. We also can set up Audit precautions so we ensure only the right people have access to the right documents.

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