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PaperFlow is scanning software that runs from your personal desktop PC or laptop. If you or your team have a scanner (or scanning capabilities) at your desk, you can eliminate all the trips to the office printer.


Paper documents

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    With PaperFlow, scan paper documents from the comfort of your desk.
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    An intuitive and simple interface Рminimal training to get up and running
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    Save money by using your own scanning equipment – our software works with you
paperflow document capture software imagetek
This is the dashboard for PaperFlow. Notice your scanned in documents.
paperflow mockups with call outs showing editing tools
Notice the editing tools for you scanned in documents, using PaperFlow.

Scanning software

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    With PaperFlow, automatically merge or populate index values to eliminate manual data entry
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    Reduce your cost per document by managing documents electronically

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Why businesses love PaperFlow

Scanning and indexing your information with a document imaging solution has never been easier. These features help your information get accessed by your team faster and easier than ever.

Run Any Scanner

If your scanner has an ISIS or TWAIN driver, chances are it will work.

Low Wait Times

Scan from the comfort of your desk for instantaneous gratification.

Turnkey Solution

PaperFlow works out of the box. No coding or integrations necessary, and always easy training.

Simple To Use

Complex solutions shouldn’t be complex to the user, and we’ve made sure to make it easier than ever.


Navigate and preview content with thumbnails of document pages.

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