Dallas County

A seamless transition to a paperless office.

Reduced Processing Time

Saved thousands of hours and dollars directly due to the efficiencies gained using our ECM.

No More Disasters

100% of documents were now saved from all sorts of natural disasters since they are backed up in the cloud.

Major Savings

Saved over $36,000 by eliminating unnecessary labor costs and converting real estate.

Why businesses love Enterprise

As a busy county government office, Dallas County, IA is comprised of many departments. Because space is scarce, a paperless office has become their goal. They turned to PaperVision and Panasonic to help with scanning, storage, retrieval, and process concerns. Many departments in the county have already switched to a digital office, with many more to come. Their Panasonic scanner has made document scanning quick and painless.

  1. Using PaperVision, many departments have reduced their processing time saving the county thousands of hours
  2. Saved 100% of documents from loss, theft, or destruction by natural disaster
  3. Converted storage rooms into office space, reclaiming nearly $36,000 per year
  4. Implemented in only one day per department.

“Since we started implementing PaperVision, other departments have been able to see firsthand the benefits of going paperless within a county office environment. Imagetek makes it easy for county staff to access and share documents as needed.

-Todd Noah, Information Services Director



Decrease Labor Costs, Disaster Management, Increased ROI


Dallas County