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Eliminates growing pains and expands to new locations!

Improved Management

The Radix enterprise content management system helped improve records management by over 555%

Easy Compliance

Now all documents are 100% in compliance with federal regulations, and audits are made easy.

Disaster Recovery

Storage costs were reduced by over 75% by using the Radix enterprise content management system.


Processes made easy!

In 2009, Family Health West was on the brink of opening a new hospital. Health Information Management Services Director, Karen Hatch was faced with a dilemma. Surrounded by wall-to-wall filing cabinets, Hatch and her team were already struggling to store and manage patient records. How could they deal with the increased workload when the new hospital opened? Where would they store more filing cabinets? Hatch wasn’t confident in the existing paper records management system, and she needed a solution. After implementing PaperVision Capture and PaperVision Enterprise across the entire organization, the productivity at Family Health West has surged, and they are saving over 75% in storage costs, even though they have experienced more than a 3,000% increase in monthly visitors. She said, “We needed to start scanning right away. The hospital wasn’t even open yet and we were already out of space.”

Documents and files

Were hidden everywhere

They wanted an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn system that would allow them to digitize their medical records. After getting set up with Raddix, it was easy for them to scan up front and store the documents electronically in-house. Now, all departments – from the doctors, nurses, billing, coding, human resources and compliance auditors – have access to view documents securely and electronically. Thanks to security settings in PaperVision Enterprise, only the information each person needs to see is visible to them, while the rest remains private. Today, the records department scans 100% of the information that is not in the EHR. If a new office is opened or closed, they are able to give all those records back to the physicians, HR, finance, and the business office immediately. After scanning, paper documents are held for six months before they are sent to be destroyed.

Why businesses love Radix

Honestly, there are too many awesome features to brag about, so we've selected just a few that our customers are always raving about.


Find documents easily within an organized folder structure.

No File Duplication

Eliminate the chances of file duplication that not only causes confusion but bloats your storage costs.


Make scanned and electronic files full-text searchable.


Automatically file your documents upon import.

Easy Navigation

Navigate and preview content with thumbnails of document pages.

Cloud Backups

All of your information will be saved and backed up in the cloud, using our off-site servers. Never worry about losing paper files to a disaster again.

Using the cloud to communicate dramatically boosted productivity

By managing medical records electronically Family Health West has been able to accommodate the demand of the new hospital opening with ease. Previously, they needed eight employees to handle 900 patient visits each month, but now they handle 10,000 visits with just 16 people, and their productivity has improved by 555%. The records department receives 100-120 requests for information every week. Instead of spending as much as seven days looking for a single record, they are now able to process these requests in less than 24 hours. This has reduced the amount of time they spend looking for records by 86%. Family Health West also has better control of information. Due to their CAH designation, audits are just part of the routine. Now the auditors have their own logins and can look up any information they need. Patient information is securely protected and only the relevant information the auditors’ need to see is visible. In addition, because all records have been converted to electronic format, they are 100% protected from loss, theft or natural disaster. Another great benefit was the amount of money Family Health West was able to save in paper storage costs. They cut their monthly storage costs by 75%.

Organize and Collaborate Right NOW

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“Previously we needed eight employees to handle 900patients visits each month, but now they can handle 10,000 visits with 16 people – a 555% increase in productivity.”

“I was able to completely eliminate my budget for storing paper. In fact, the only budget I have now is for destroying documents once they have been scanned.”


By making the switch

Hatch said, “I was able to completely eliminate my budget for storing paper. In fact, the only budget I have now is for destroying documents once they have been scanned.” They credit PaperVision Enterprise for allowing them to grow without the growing pains normally seen when an organization’s monthly visits increase by 3,233%. “When we first started scanning we had no physicians, and now we have nine offices. There is no way we could have made this work without PaperVision Enterprise.”

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