Industrial Refrigeration


Save Time

IRS saves and recovers over 500 hours per year in Accounts Payable processing time.

Disaster Relief

100% of all invoices were protected from fire, floods, and earthquakes through cloud backup and storage.

Simple Training

Implemented and trained staff quickly: “Training was nothing.”

Why businesses love Radix

As a refrigeration company that specializes in commercial and industrial refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration Services, Inc. had approximately 2,000 monthly invoices to deal with. Once they implemented Radix in conjunction with their Panasonic scanner, they were able to get all of their documents under control. Now they use it for all of their important paperwork, not just their invoices.

  1. Recovered 500 hours per year in AP processing time
  2. Protect 100% of invoices and other documents from loss, theft, or damage
  3. Save nearly $10,000 a year in Ap processing costs alone
  4. Implemented and trained staff quickly: “Training was nothing.”

“We use Radix for just about anything you can imagine: AP processing, bank statements, truck manifests, and anything else we would need to keep a paper copy of. We’re on our way to being completely paperless. RADIX and the Panasonic scanner make the setup pretty slick.

-Pay Myers, Accounts Payable/Receptionist



Decrease Labor Costs, Disaster Management, Increased ROI


Industrial Refrigeration