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Expands services and increases revenue 30% using Radix!

Search Time

Saves 400 hours each and every year JUST in file search time.

Efficient Processing

Processes thousands of invoices each week in a more efficient manner, increasing revenue 30%.

Disaster Recovery

All information and documents are stored in the cloud, protecting all assets from fire, theft, floods, and more!

Our ECM allows for scaling

Payments across the globe

Worldwide Integrated Supply chain Solutions (Worldwide ISCS) is an 18-year-old logistics and transportation management company that achieved success by streamlining shipping supply chains. When Worldwide ISCS recognized that their clients also needed help managing freight payment processes, it was clear which new direction to take their business. However, it wasn’t obvious how they are going to successfully handle the surge of freight invoices and supporting documents that were certain to inundate their employees. After expanding their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, Worldwide ISCS enabled the freight payment services department to efficiently manage hundreds of invoices each day and to increase revenue by 30%.

Documents and files

Were hidden everywhere

In 2007, it was taking them 30 minutes to search for each insurance certificate, transportation agreement or operating authority record. To solve the problem and save search time, Worldwide ISCS decided to manage documents electronically and implemented Imagetek’s ECM system. They used Radix to convert paper files to electronic records and now manage document using Radix, the SaaS, ECM technology. As a result, employees are saving an average of 400 hours each year in file search time and simplifying disaster recovery. If a disaster struck, it would take minutes rather than two or three months to recover their records. Carl Waldenmaier, Executive VP fo Technology Services, and Ryan Bendickson, System Administrator, knew that the first requirement for a successful payment services department would be an effective and highly efficient information management system.

Why businesses love Radix

Honestly, there are too many awesome features to brag about, so we've selected just a few that our customers are always raving about.


Find documents easily within an organized folder structure.

No File Duplication

Eliminate the chances of file duplication that not only causes confusion but bloats your storage costs.


Make scanned and electronic files full-text searchable.


Automatically file your documents upon import.

Easy Navigation

Navigate and preview content with thumbnails of document pages.

Cloud Backups

All of your information will be saved and backed up in the cloud, using our off-site servers. Never worry about losing paper files to a disaster again.

Storage and search was made easy and compliant for all employees

“We absolutely couldn’t provide payment services using paper records, because we would have needed multiple warehouses just to store all those documents. It simply wouldn’t be cost-effective or productive,” said Bendickson. Worldwide ISCS needed a system that would allow them to manage thousands of more payment records each week using just a handful of people. Most of all, they needed technology that could expedite invoice processing, match invoices into their Worldnet Transportation Management System (TMS), which is used to manage transportation operations and identify the best and most cost-effective shipping methods. When Bendickson explained their challenges to Imagetek, he was surprised to find that their existing ECM system could achieve all their new goals. “Radix was so easy to roll out that the first time that we saw it, we immediately knew this was our answer,” said Bendickson.

Organize and Collaborate Right NOW

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Radix was so easy to roll out that the first time that we saw it, we immediately knew this was our answer.

Hidden Everywhere

The scalable ECM system was easily expanded to accommodate the new department and Workflow was added to accelerate invoice processing. Using the point-and-click graphical design tool, Bendickson set up WorkFlow for their unique business process. “As an add-on component WorkFlow was pretty straight forward to configure. Users don’t need an extensive programming background. I can handle changes myself, which helps with Flexibility,” he said. Today, the freight payment services department has increased Worldwide’s revenue by 30% — thanks to the fact that employees have the technology they need to handle invoices and provide a valuable service to customers. Using Radix and Workflow, the freight payment team electronically routes invoices to the proper person, alerts users of pending work assignment sand tracks progress step by step. With just a handful of people, they quickly handle hundreds of invoices each day dnd process all incoming payment documents by the end of the week. There is no backlog of work on Monday!

ECM system works:

Across the company, every step in every process is measured and studied and WorkFlow is helping Bendickson identify inefficiencies, examine bottlenecks and reassign tasks on the fly. WorkFlow status reports show him where invoices are in the process. “If someone leaves for the afternoon, it’s easy to make sure the team doesn’t fall behind on the work,” he said. With proper routing, timely processing, and instant information retrieval, as many as 30 people across the company use Radix to drive productivity and further streamline their business. “without our ECM system, we wouldn’t be able to effectively manage payment documents and other information. This is a critical system in our smooth-running supply chain,” said Bendickson.

  1. A team of scanning operators scan and index all invoices and supporting documents into Radix.
  2. Meanwhile, Workflow is constantly monitoring Radix for new invoices. Once it “recognizes” invoices, it automatically groups them by the customer and by type and routes all like invoices to the correct person.
  3. The processors can open their queues, immediately see pending work and make decisions with all the supporting documents at their fingertips.
  4. If processors have a problem with an invoice or need special verification, they can route it into a queue built just for managers.
  5. The system also help processors handle duplicate copies of invoices and bills of lading, so they never have to waste time processing identical documents twice.
  6. Once the WorkFlow is complete invoices are entered into the TMS and ready for payment.

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