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From paper documents and electronic files, to print streams and even email – Radix helps you manage and organize all of your information in one convenient place. Radix stores all of your documents and files in our highly secured cloud system allowing you to access your information and collaborate with team mates from anywhere, anytime. Radix is used by customers across the globe and manages over 5 million pieces of information.

RADIX is an off-site, secure and reliable document and content management service. It allows secure access to corporate data to an unlimited number of users within an organization allowing retrieval of any document, anywhere, anytime utilizing a browser-based interface. The system is an ultra-secure, off-site repository with multiple backups, and redundancy built-in eliminating the potential for hardware failures affecting the availability of corporate data.

The final 201 takes another deep dive into the features of Radix and it’s document management software benefits. Learn how to check-in and check-out documents, viewing revision history, adding annotations, enhanced auditing controls, adding documents from Microsoft¬†applications, and more!