San Diego Christian College

San Diego Christian College -

Ragains control with RADIX.


Retrieval Time

Document retrieval times were decreased by 75% – a change that used to take minutes now takes seconds.

Massive ROI

Saves $18,000 every year in labor just in document retrieval costs.

Disaster Aversion

Protects 3,000+ files 24/7 from natural disasters – theft, fire, or floods!

Why businesses love Radix

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Since they implemented RADIX and PaperVision Capture in 2012, San Diego Christian College has enhanced control of their student records by increasing security. WIth three remote locations and several hundred staff members, they’re improved their entire student record management operation using EMPOWER and RADIX.

  1. Decreases document retrieval time by 75%, taking only seconds now instead of minutes
  2. Protects over 3,000 archived files from the threat of fire, flood, or theft
  3. Saves $18,000 on labor every year in document retrieval costs
  4. Scans all documents in real time, eliminating the need for future archiving
[dt_sc_blockquote cite=”Vic Conner” role=”Business Analyst”]We wanted something that didn’t need a physical server but that would make our documents accessible. WIth RADIX and PaperVIsion Capture, we can now track our student records and keep them all together from the admissions process all the way to the fundraising process. Our fire loss concerns have also been alleviated.[/dt_sc_blockquote]