Small Business Document Management System

The move to a reliable, secure, and compliant system has never been a better idea.

Meet your new small business document management system

Ideal for banks (and chains of banks), small businesses, credit lenders, and more. This is a system that scales with you. As your business grows, team members are added, and more data is collected, Imagetek is right by your side.

always stay compliant and up to date with

Major governmental regulations

The cost of non-compliance can be tremendous. Small businesses are faced with fines, lost customers, loss of market share and even jail time. With Imagetek and our small business document management system, Radix, you’ll always be ahead of the game and always compliant with:

  1. Gramm-Leach Bliley Act
  2. Financial Privacy Rule
  3. Safeguards Rule
small business document management system radix dashboard
Small business document management system, Radix, showing the viewing of an invoice.

Security features that keep you compliant with

The Gramm-Leach Bliley Act

GLBA opened competition among banks, securities companies, and insurance companies, and being compliant with their regulations is mandatory. This small business document management includes provisions to govern the collection, disclosure, and protection of consumer’ nonpublic or personally identifiable information.

  • Multiple security levels and access controls protect personal financial information
  • Redaction hides personal information from users
  • Reports create a record of how information is shared, used and protected
  • Security controls and system settings are flexible, modifiable and easily adjusted by administrators
  • Data encryption occurs during transmission and when stored
  • Unlimited distribution allows companies to cost-effectively communicate policies and notices
  • Retention policies protect records from destruction during specified time periods
  • The Radix data center is SAS 70 type II audited, proving that adequate safeguards are in place

Ultimate compliance with the

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

SOX requires tight control over significant transactions and financial reports, and how these reports and transactions were created. Radix and PaperVision Enterprise (both are a premier small business document management system), helps you control all of your financial statements, reports, and disclosures. It also includes the feature and benefit of audit trails, which helps you track who, when, and where private information was accessed.

  1. Multiple security levels allow companies to control security, access to information and user activity
  2. Group-level, user-level and document-level security allow companies to verify internal controls
  3. Workflow processes help companies automatically route documents through compliant processes
  4. Audit trails provide detailed information about security
  5. Reports provide visibility and help companies evaluate transaction processes from start to finish

Products to help drive your business

Here are just a few small business document management system features that help you keep your business or financial institution running compliant behind the scenes:

Manage, backup, and access your information in the cloud.
Manage and access all of your information from your own network.
Use artificial intelligence to extract data from your documents faster.
Collect and organize data automatically through electronic forms.
Route information quickly and efficiently to any decision maker or department.
Digitize, organize, classify, index, and export documents at a batch level.

Don’t take it from us

Hear what other financial institutions think!

FDIC Regulation Compliance

FDIC technology regulations address everything from money laundering to information sharing, privacy and identity theft. Protecting customer information and preventing identity theft are two of the top FDIC hot buttons that directly impact document management. This is why small businesses and financial institutions are encouraged to implement and use a small business document management system.

  1. Group and user controls restrict employee information access and limit system abilities
  2. Data backup systems deliver backup files at regular intervals
  3. Data encryption protects data both during transmission and when stored
  4. Radix provides multiple security levels including firewalls and 24/7 system monitoring
  5. Reports and audit trails can be used as proof of internal controls
  6. Only authorized system administrators can make changes to security settings
  7. Security-policy administration tools include password complexity security settings


Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

HMDA requires lenders to maintain and annually disclose data about home purchases, home purchase pre-approvals, home improvement and refinance applications involving single and multi-family homes. All of this information is able to be easily routed and accessed inside of a small business document management system.

  1. Capture software enables companies to easily convert paper documents to electronic files
  2. Electronic Forms help facilitate e-mortgage initiatives
  3. Unlimited index fields make it easy for lenders to capture detailed applicant information
  4. Powerful search capabilities allow companies to quickly find information for annual disclosures
  5. Electronic distribution capabilities make sharing information more cost-effective
  6. Redaction hides sensitive information and de-identifies personal data before disclosure

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