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Imagine doing one search to find every document on a student, all in one convenient place. How much time would that save you?

Audit Trail

We’re fully compliant with every regulation and law, meaning you will be too without any extra work. FERPA compliance has never been easier.

Easy to Use

An easy to use interface makes everyone’s life easier. You’ll find it easy to organize, find, update, and maintain all of your information.

Failure Proof

Access your information from anywhere, and never worry about lost items again. A guaranteed 99.9% uptime with hacker-proof security.


Education Professionals spend an average of 18 minutes locating old student records.

Are you one of them?

Every institution of higher learning accumulates an ever-increasing number of paper and electronic records. Some of these records pertain to the business of the institution and others are for the expressed purpose of the College or University: To educate students allowing them to improve themselves and their communities.

The task of tracking a student from Admissions through their graduation is a difficult process because of the increasing amount of documents and data collected. Many duplicates are created throughout the decades in which the student and institution maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.

Key Features

Key Features:

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    We make it easy to store hundreds of thousands of pieces of information at a value that makes sense. Store every financial aid document to even recommendation letters.

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    Email documents straight from RADIX to your colleagues. No need to download information or attach them in a separate email client.

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    Electronic Files

    Store all incoming electronic files fast: emails, PDFs, Word Docs, Forms, Transcripts, and more.

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    Global Search

    Find all information and documents about a student in one search. No more leafing through file cabinets or asking help from others.

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    Retention & Destruction

    Set policies that clean your system for you – always know you have the most up-to-date and accurate information without manually doing it.

student management system backend Radix document management software

RADIX stores all of your information in the cloud – meaning you can access your information from anywhere.

student management system document capture software logo capture

Capture is a scanning application that turns all of the documents into images – in bulk. This saves on file size but retains all of your information.

Stay on top of every transcript, admissions, transfer, invoice, and more.

Maintain total control over every information you and your colleagues interact with. You’ll have convenient access to everything at all times. Sounds like a dream, right?

“It’s all about finding information in a quick and efficient way. My team used to get up out of their chairs to locate student records. We’ve saved a ton of time.”

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36 campuses and counting trust our products.

Saves over $100,000 every year in labor because of our fair and affordable prices.

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Decreased document retrieval times by 75%.

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Want all of your students in one convenient place?

This demo shows a clear cut way….

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Organize all your teams content

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    Easily structure and navigate through your students or institutions information.
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    Capture and store emails with just a click of a button. All correspondence with your team or students is searchable.
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    Instantly find and locate specific content with one global search – and see it on one dashboard.
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    Enrich your records with filters: entrance dates, recommendation letters, student ID, transcripts, and more.

We take security and compliance to the next level.


The good news is that Radix helps you become compliant with all government regulations and laws without you having to do extra work. The task of tracking a student from Admissions through their graduation is a difficult process because of the increasing amount of documents and data collected, and staying compliant at the same time. Because of this, we take care of the compliance regulations for you.

  • The United States Department of Education
  • Veteran’s Administration
  • The United States Public Health Service
  • The Internal Revenue Service
  • The Family Policy Compliance Office (FERPA)
  • And The Department of State