The Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

The Benefits of a Digital Mailroom!

There is more than what you’d think!

Outsourced mail services are especially useful for companies heavily reliant on paper documents that ultimately require digitization. Companies that deal in healthcare, banking, insurance, transportation, and logistics have shown exceptional financial gain, and automated workflow benefits from outsourcing their mailrooms.


Digital mailrooms aren’t about cutting staff. It’s about making your staff process faster, more accurately, and better than ever. Mailroom automation is a central feature in top-performing organizations and will continue to evolve over the next few years. Ready to understand why? Let’s get started.


Enable completely remote teams

Have your incoming documents (physical mail, email, invoices, etc.) shipped directly to a provider, where they store and give you electronic access to your information in your own document management solution. And, when you don’t have to worry about storage space you open up real estate for better business activities.


Customized turnaround times

Providers have guaranteed turn around times – anywhere from delivering in under an hour from being received to the end of the day. Mailroom automation speeds up processing times considerably, meaning information reaches the people it needs to faster – thus saving precious time.


99%+ data extraction accuracy

With greater efficiency comes more precise data. Providers (like us) use robots (RPA) and enhanced OCR softwares to ensure your data is captured as accurately as possible. These solutions can get expensive for teams to implement and manage, so relying on a partner to provide them and power the team is increasingly valuable.

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Top-level Security and Compliance

If your organization is managing sensitive documents that hold information related to billing, health, or personal details, security is of the utmost importance and often subject to regulatory guidelines. With the right digital mailroom solutions in place those details stay locked down tight, so only the people who need to see sensitive information do.


Save BIG money year after year

Think of all the times an important paper is lost requiring your employees to take time out of their regularly assigned tasks to find it. A little counterintuitive, but these companies can most likely process your information cheaper than an internal team might be able to because there are no retrieval times


Conveniently find all information

Providers index your information to make it completely keyword-friendly – making searching a breeze. Integration with your tools enables you to have access to what you need when you need it. Digital searching now powers you to find it in seconds, and always have the most updated content available.

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